We offer services in the following areas:


The information gathering, filtering, statistical processing required for the formulation of Socio-Economic Development Strategy. As an integral service option the offerings envisage business linkages for Sustainable Economic Development as an added service


We provide our clients with integrated transformation solutions with an in-depth analysis of organization to redefine full potential. These include;

  • Sustained Cost Transformation: Strategically transform the cost structure across the organization to obtain cost leadership and gain competitive advantage
  • Accelerated Transformation: Rapid cost transformation approach for an urgent turnaround and restoring profitability
  • Complexity Management: Effectively manage all elements of complexity to unlock value and revitalize the organization
  • Business Process Redesign: Achieve operational excellence at a company’s most critical processes to deliver high quality service at a competitive cost
  • Talent Sourcing: Acquire the right capabilities from the right source, and the right shore, at the right price
  • Cash and Capital Management: Create cash reserves and a disciplined capital allocation process
  • Supply Chain Management: Exploiting competitive advantages for meeting short- and long-term cost, flexibility and service-level goals.
  • Manufacturing Optimization: Optimizing and improving efficiencies of the manufacturing footprint and shop-floor operations
  • Service Design & Operations: Delivering, meeting and exceeding promised customer satisfaction at the right cost across service channels


Our strategy consulting expertise includes:

  • Fundamentals of growth: very few companies succeed in achieving sustainable growth. We assist companies grow by defining and focusing on their core.
  • Business unit strategy: Effective strategy for business units requires making proprietary decisions about where to play and how to win. The goal is to enable a business to reach its full economic potential.
  • Corporate strategy: Corporate strategy involves a proprietary set of actions that enables a company to be worth more than just the sum of its parts. The most critical role of the center is to help business units achieve leadership positions.


This service entails restructuring of business with the central objective in the service that focuses upon improved levels of efficiency and effectiveness. It is often a re-engineering exercise that requires the facilitation of change management driven by performance oriented scorecard dependent assessments, evaluations and proposals for addressing systemic business improvements


A service of report generating feedback from interviews, questioners, profiling of human capability within organizations that desperate are in need of training and development, skills acquisition, a variety of mentoring strategies all of which optimize the intellectual property and human asset value within enterprises guided by support and continuous learning within the ambits of the business


Our mergers and acquisitions team help companies build and execute on their own successful models for M&A. We also apply our expertise to guide companies and management teams that are deciding where to grow and shed through joint ventures and alliances or demergers and separations. No two integrations are the same, and companies must carefully consider aspects from culture to IT in order to realize the full value of the deal.

Business Process Re-engineering

Reduction of costs and cycle periods. Business Process Reengineering reduces costs and cycle periods by eliminating wasteful activities and the employee time. I can assist your organization to develop innovative solutions to enhance and grow your business through streamlining processes and increasing profitably. . I examine the operation of the interconnected processes that play a vital role in your product’s production. By using various tools and technologies I can help to streamline operations and improve operating efficiencies. Reorganization by teams decreases the need for management layers, accelerating information flows, and eliminating duplicate tasks.

Quality Improvement. Business Process Reengineering improves quality by identification and ownership allocation of processes. Employees become more responsible as they can be measured on their performance output and rewarded appropriately.

Risk Management Services

As an independent corporate security and risk management specialist, we provide a comprehensive range of risk management services that are focused on helping business continuously and pragmatically manage risk.

In many instances political, business and cultural risks only become apparent once you have already committed significant financial resources to a project, but identifying the potential impact of these issues from the outset helps you to manage them correctly. Conducting risk assessments of ongoing projects and supply chains can help to identify existing problems and vulnerabilities.

We advise companies on developing and implementing a corporate security strategy. I focus on how to reduce the risks to their most valuable assets: employees, brand, reputation, information and assets. We then advise our clients on what proportionate measures are required to eliminate or reduce the effects of these risks.

Loss Control:

We have created systems to provide loss control measures for large manufacturing and warehouse type industries.  We can assist businesses and organisations with the reduction of losses and the potential for loss enabling them to reach and exceed their objectives/goals more consistently, efficiently and effectively.

We assist in identifying risks, controlling losses, reducing the potential for loss and adding value and profitability to your business.  Like most things in business – knowledge, experience and results counts and this is especially true in the complex field of loss control and performance measurement of programme implementation.  I have the necessary loss control management knowledge and experience to implement an effective loss control programme.

Risk Assessment:

Our risk assessment is a thorough inspection of your work tasks, activities or premises, in order to identify potential weak points, evaluate the risks they present and implement preventative or protective measures. Besides being the most effective way of protecting the company, staff and assets, a security risk assessment can also save you the agony of wasting money on an ineffective security system.

There is a lot more to Security Risk Assessment (SRA) than just addressing doors, windows, locks or alarm systems to ascertain what security measures are required. Our Security Risk Assessment approach is to team up with professionals in the field, including suppliers and installers, planners, qualified security personnel, ex-law enforcement officers, security directors and operations managers.

Security Policy Development with best practices and customised applications:

Should your current policies be inadequate or ineffective, we can assist in developing security policies and services tailored to your exact threats. All recommended systems are within the framework of laws and regulations of each country in which you operate. Depending on your needs, I can assist with either comprehensive security programs or individual components, such as access control, pre-employment background checks, workplace violence prevention, or executive protection.

Fraud Prevention

The risk of fraud is present in almost every business regardless of size, shape, and complexity. The risk could materialize itself in an employee, a vendor, a client, or in the boardroom. It could be “detrimental” by bleeding company assets or “beneficial” by artificially inflating company financial statements. These frauds could play out in scenarios that are quite varied, and be concealed by strategies that are sophisticated and complex. This combination is making it far more challenging to prevent fraud and catch a perpetrator.

While certain frauds might not be material from an overall financial perspective, others can create significant financial statement errors and, any fraud that occurs will have an adverse impact on profit margins, requiring additional revenue to make up for the loss. Fraud also carries with it significant reputational risk.

We can offer a range of solutions to detect, monitor and prevent corporate fraud. I will check your internal financial controls and code of conduct, to ensure controls are adequate, and any misconduct is investigated and penalized.

To protect itself and its stakeholders effectively and efficiently from fraud, we assist our clients to understand fraud risk and specific risks that directly or indirectly apply to the organisation. An effective fraud risk identification process includes an assessment of the incentives, pressures and opportunities to commit fraud. Fraud risk assessments consider the potential override of controls by management as well as areas where controls are weak or there is a lack of segregation of duties.